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Abnormal sperm – what does it mean and how to deal with it in a healthy way.

Posted in Sperm Disorders by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018

When you want to know your fertility as a man the sperm that you produce will play a huge role in determining this. If your sperm have defects of some sort then you are most likely going to have some issues with your fertility and this is one of the first things which is checked when you visit a doctor. There are various things which are checked when finding the abnormality in sperm. Some people think that having a low sperm count is abnormality of sperm but this is not the case. So when should the issue of abnormal sperm be checked?

When sperm is regarded abnormal

  • The head of the sperm. When you want to recognize a normal sperm it will have an oval, spear-shaped head which enables it to swim and penetrate an egg for fertilization. An abnormal sperm head is where you find a sperm with a round head or even a flat head. These sperm will have everything required but the problem will be it will not be capable of penetrating the egg for fertilization. Therefore this abnormality can cause infertility in men and it is not reversible. This will not however interfere with your sexual act and you will enjoy normally and ejaculate normally but the issue is you can’t make a woman pregnant if you have this problem. Some sperm may have another abnormality by having more than one head where it becomes a problem when it comes to fertilization.
  • The tail of the sperm is also used to tell whether the sperm is normal or abnormal. A normal sperm will have a long single tail that help the sperm to navigate through the semen until it reaches the egg for fertilization. The tail helps in movement and also in directing the sperm in any side that it wants to move. An abnormal sperm will have a short tail and therefore it will be difficult for this sperm to move and therefore failing to reach the egg for fertilization. Another abnormality regarding to this is where you will find a sperm with double tail which will also affect its movement. With two tails the sperm will not be capable of moving well in the uterus and therefore a fertilization failure will result.

If you would like to know how your sperm looks like then you will have to undergo some tests which will establish what is wrong with you. When you have results then you will know what can be a problem in you which kind of treatment you will undertake. The test which is done is semen analysis which will show every defect that you may need address.

When an analysis is done on your semen here are some of the things that will be checked

  • Sperm number – this is done to establish whether you have a low sperm count. This is aimed at checking whether the total number of sperm in the semen are enough or are below the recommended amount. For a normal sperm count a male should have between 15 million sperm per ejaculation to 200 million. This is definitely a number which will tell you that you have enough sperm to allow you to fertilize a woman.
  • The next thing which can be established using semen analysis is the amount of semen itself. When you ejaculate, the semen should be enough to allow the sperm to move easily from the vagina to the uterus by offering that protection to the sperm. However a low amount of sperm will surely cause a movement problem which eventually can lead to infertility. However this is a problem which can be dealt with by using semen volume pills.
  • The next thing which is checked the vitality of sperm and this is the number of sperm which are alive. The number of dead sperm should not be high and if the vitality rate is found to be low, further analysis is done to establish the cause and how it can be avoided.
  • Movement of the sperm is also tested in this test. The sperm will be checked to establish whether the movement of sperm is good enough to allow the sperm to reach its destination which is the egg.