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Benefits semen – what semen is used for when it comes to reproduction health.

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So many men would like to make their partners happy through performing excellently in bed. This is what makes so many men confident when it comes to facing life. People who have had bad bedroom experiences usually develop low self-esteem and they even start avoiding social places in fear that their friend may laugh due to this problem. When you fail to perform in bed then this mean that you can’t get your partner pregnant and you may need to speak to your doctor about this. When it comes to reproductive issues which can cause this problem, it is the organ itself which may not be capable of undertaking its function as it is required. However there are other defects which include the semen and the sperm itself.

What is semen in men’s reproductive system

Even though the semen can be an issue in itself, this will not stop you from having a good time with your partner. But what it will affect is orgasm in men. Before going ahead it’s important that we know what semen is so that you don’t confuse it with sperm. Semen is a clear or sometime a whitish fluid that comes out during sexual intercourse and mainly after ejaculation. Benefits: semen is very vital when it comes to protection of the sperm and also facilitating movement of this sperm from the penis to the Fallopian tube. This is the fluid which is visible and the sperm in it cannot be seen by the naked eye, so you may need to use a microscope for you to see the sperm.

When a male is going through a hard time with infertility issues then when he visits a medical expert he will have to undergo a semen analysis test. This test is very important as it will tell what is exactly wrong with your reproductive organ. The procedure of doing this is very simple, as all you will be required to do is to provide a sample of the semen. You can be provided with a special type of condom which is used to collect semen and you are supposed to present it for analysis within a given time so that it can still be useful and information which will be collected will be useful.

Semen analysis process

You will first be asked to abstain from sex for up to five days so that the quality of your sperm can be discovered. This will also help to make sure that the sperm count reflects the actual number of sperm present in the semen. The doctor will also want to check what is semen made of and this will also assist to know whether you are healthy to support your reproduction and fertility of your sperms. Naturally semen is supposed to contain nutrients such as vitamin C and B as well as zinc and phosphorus which also are used to nourish the whole sperm in transit to the uterus. The more nutrients are available in the semen the longer the sperm will survive in the uterus and the higher the chances that you will be fertile.

Some people like sucking semen and many people wonder what does semen tastes like. Even though this is something which many people have never tried to do those who have done it say it helps to make the experience to be even better. The taste is like a mixture of both sugar and salt which is added together to form a solution. However you can make your semen taste better by eating meals that have a good aroma and taste such as pineapple and bananas. Therefore if you have been wondering how to make semen taste better then you know how you can do this easily.

After you are through with this analysis then your sperm count will be established. For a man to be fertile his count should be between fifteen million per millimeter to two hundred million per millimeter. Men with fewer sperm than this are considered infertile and it can be very hard for them to be able to impregnate their partners. Other things that will be discovered in this analysis is the structure of the sperm. With all this you will be in a position to know how you can improve your fertility since you will know what you are lacking in your reproduction organ.