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Black sperm – what are some of the causes of this and what treatments

Posted in Sperm Disorders by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018

Male reproductive systems are very simple as compared to the female. It is very easy for a man to know when there is something wrong with them when it comes to infections or problems. If you are a man and you suddenly start seeing the color of your sperm changing then you should be worried. Even though there are those factors which can contribute to the changes of the color of the sperm, it can also be a symptom that things are not good inside your reproductive organ. Ordinarily you will expect the sperm to be a whitish semen that has a bleach-like smell and this is what many men would expect when ejaculating. This is not necessarily the case and you are most likely also going to see black sperm or yellow semen to mention a few.


Yellow sperm is not a big issue since this is also considered as normal when one has a fluid with this color. This is mostly caused by diet changes, or remaining for a long time without ejaculating can lead to this. However, there are many reason which can lead to black sperm and this is not a good sign of the health of your reproduction system. If you start experiencing this it’s important that you visit a doctor since this can be a serious condition which requires immediate intervention of the doctor.

Causes of experiencing black semen

The main reason why you will start seeing black semen is due to bleeding internally which results in causing the sperm to have a different color. There are various reason as to why you experience this problem and they are as follows.

When there is a problem in the prostate gland then you are most likely to have this condition. Prostatitis is a kind of infection which causes a man to have inflammation in this gland which can cause a person to see black substances in the semen which are passed with semen during ejaculation. This sometimes can be painful and when a man has this problem is good to seek medical assistance very soon.

When a man is suffering from a sexually transmitted infection then he is also likely going to have abnormal semen, which will also look weird. Gonorrhea, syphilis herpes as well as chlamydia can cause the color of the semen to change and this can only be eliminated through proper treatment a man needs to undergo.

When a man undergoes surgery in his genitals then this can lead to blood traces in his semen. For instance a vasectomy or prostrate surgery can cause the blood to mix with semen and as a result make the semen have a funny color that you are not used to.

There is also a likelihood that you will start seeing blood stains in your semen if you have seminal vesicle cysts. This is a condition where you have fluid filled seminal vesicles. This will result of the semen contaminating with this fluid and as result you can start seeing a different color which you don’t normally see.

Cancer is also a problem that can lead to this issue. If you are suffering from prostate cancer then this is most likely to occur and you will suffer from this problem. Even when you suffer from testicular cancer then you may also start seeing black spots in your semen.

Treatment for this problem

Once you have seen changes of your sperm then you should go for check-up, where further analysis of your sperm will be done and the causes of this problem will be established. If it’s a condition which can be treated through drugs then you will be given pills to cure the infection. However, some conditions may require specialized treatment which can be done to you. It doesn’t matter, as a matter of fact, since you will be cured in the long run. For cysts it will have to be drained out and this is done through the use of syringe. However those with yellow semen should not be worried. They should check whether they have changed their diet and this could be a reason. However if the semen has a bad smell then it is then an indication that it’s an infection.