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Calories semen + sperm – which are the best meals that can increase the quantity.

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When it comes to reproductive health then you have to know that there are many factors that affect how healthy your sperm and semen will be. Meals you take will play a huge role in determining male reproductive health. Almost every organ in the body gets its nutritional requirements from the meals that we take. For instance your normal sperm count will be largely affected by the nutrients that your body can get.

For those who do not care what they eat and end up lacking some important nutrients, they will have a lower amount of sperm that can make a man infertile. Therefore it’s important that you  eat the right kind of meals that will be useful in your body. Many people do not know that the kind of meals that they take will also reflect during sex as well as during ejaculation. The amount of semen which you will produce increases the pleasure when it is more, and this can only be produced if you eat well, so that nutrients used in production of this semen can be supplied to the body.

When you see “Calories semen + sperm” is mentioned, you have to know that there is a difference between these two since the semen contain the sperm. It also contains a huge amount of nutrients that are passed to the female body after ejaculation. The sperm are nourished with these nutrients and this helps to increase the survival rate of the sperm while awaiting fertilization to take place. In case the semen is low then this means that the sperm will only have a few nutrients to depend on which will lead to low survival rate of the sperm and as a result the time that the sperm will have to stay alive will be reduced to few hours after being ejaculated.

Semen is made from the following compounds and therefore when taking meals it’s important that you take those with high content of these nutrients. They are as follow:

Important minerals found in semen

  • Vitamin C. This is one of the most important nutrients that you will find present in the semen
  • There is also a high amount of phosphorus in the semen fluid
  • Vitamin B12. This is a huge nutrient that you will find in this fluid as well
  • Nitrogen is also present in this fluid as well
  • Calcium is also an important nutrient that you will find present in this fluid
  • Zinc is also another important nutrient which sperm depend on for survival.
  • Fructose is another element that you will find in seminal fluid which helps in keeping the sperm safe while in its way to fertilize the egg
  • You will also find vitamin E in semen and therefore if you want to improve the semen quality then you will have to eat meals that contain this nutrient.

The higher the quantity of nutrients that you take, the higher the number of sperm will be produced in the testes. There are several main foods that you can eat which will help you to produce a large number of sperm as well as a huge volume of semen.

Best meals that will supply the body with nutrients required for production of sperm and semen in the body

  • Eggs can be the best source of many nutrients which are required in production of both sperm and semen. It contains a number of nutrients which include zinc as well as phosphorus, which is key in semen production.
  • Bananas are also very important when it comes to production of sperm in the body. Whether eaten raw as a fruit or cooked they will supply the body with important nutrients which help in formation of sperm as well as semen.
  • Vegetables, especially green ones, are very important when it comes to the supply of important vitamins in the body. Broccoli for instance contains many vitamins which are not only good for a male’s sexual reproduction system but other parts of the body as well.
  • Spinach on the other hand contains folic acid which is also very useful when it comes to production of semen.
  • Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, contains important nutrients that you need for your sexual reproduction organ. This is important when it comes to supply of energy which is required as well as amino acids that can double the sperm volume.
  • Oysters are also very important when it comes to your sexual reproduction function. This help to increase zinc and phosphorus which is used in production of sperm cell.
  • Ginseng is a traditional meal which has been used to boost the sperm count in male. People use it for fertility purposes but what they don’t know is that it contain important nutrients which help to increase testosterone in your body and therefore leading to formation of healthy sperms as well as semen.

Why you should eat healthy meals

If men could eat these meals they are assured that their reproduction health could improve as well as fertility level. The meals will solve almost 80 percent of all fertility related issues. Therefore it will save you a lot of money in visiting those specialists if you can stick to a healthy meal. Whatever you do, remember that the calories that you use during sex must be recovered through eating properly.

When the body does not have enough nutrients for production of semen then you can rest assured you will start experiencing male fertility problems. When you know that you will be having sex with your partner then make sure that you eat well hours before you engage in this act. You will be surprised how you will have enough stamina to take you several rounds without getting worn out. The calories that you will need for this will be supplied in the body by the meals that you take.