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Can you get pregnant if sperm touches the outside – when is it possible.

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When a man and a woman have sex they can do this for two main reasons: either they want to enjoy sex or they want to have a baby. When couples are in love having sex is a sign that they are close and there is no other better way of expressing their love than having sex. In some religions couples are not supposed to have sex until they are married as a way of respecting the norms that are set by that religion. When couples are married they will be engaging in sex for both the pleasure as well as for procreation. Babies are made as a result of sex and this is why many people love to have sex. Pregnancy occurs where a sperm of the male party meets the egg of a woman and fertilizes it.

This is something which may happen quickly depending on the fertility of the couples. For a normal couple this process is very fast but if any or both of the couple have fertility problems, then this can be quite a hard thing. Can you get pregnant if sperm touches the outside of your vagina? This is what many are asking themselves especially those who don’t want to get pregnant. The answer to this question is no as the environment outside the human body is not conducive for survival of the sperm. Some people start experiencing premature ejaculation problem which can lead to semen not being deposited in the vagina but rather on the outside. If you have this problem then you should use delay ejaculation spray so that it doesn’t happen before you penetrate the woman.

What is the best time to have sex to have a baby?

When both of you with your partner are looking for a baby then you should try to have sex when the chances of becoming pregnant are high. This includes:

  • It is good to have sex when a woman is ready and the ovulation is about to happen in a day or so. For most women this is 15 days since your last menstrual cycle and assuming that your cycle is regular and it only takes 28 days.
  • It is also good to avoid having sex for two days before so that the man can increase sperm count and therefore when it comes to the actual day there will be a lot of sperms which will flow right to the ovaries so they can fertilize it.
  • You should also note that in an ideal environment inside the woman’s body, the sperm can survive up to 5 days and therefore having sex 5 days before ovulation can also lead to pregnancy. However this is not reliable since sperm may not survive for this long and therefore it’s recommended that you have sex during ovulation. This is the best time when you can get a baby.
  • Also you can both have frequent sex, and, if possible, daily, to help maximize the chances of the female to get pregnant. When you have sex only through timing for ovulation this can cause you to have emotional stress which can affect your sexual performance or even to lead to an erectile dysfunction problem.

However for people who are not ready to have babies and want to enjoy sex then they should be very cautious since it is very easy for them to find themselves expecting a baby while not being ready for it. It is important that they can use contraceptives which help in preventing pregnancies.

Here are some of the contraceptives for men

There are only two main contraceptive methods which are available for men which include

  • Use of condoms- this is a contraceptive which is sold in retail shop. A man wears this elastic rubber wrap that acts as a barrier where sperm cannot get into the female body after ejaculation. It is also very useful when it comes to orgasm control for those people who suffer from premature ejaculation due to sensitivity on their penis.
  • Vasectomy is another way that men can avoid impregnating their partner. This is a permanent solution that people who are sure that they don’t want to have children anymore should go for. Even though theoretically it seems reversible, in reality this is not possible. This method works by cutting or blocking the pipe that carry sperm from the testicle. Therefore even if a man ejaculate then their semen will not contain any sperm in it.

Contraceptives used by women

There are various methods which are used as contraceptive in women which include the use of

  • Pills- these are pills which women take either on a daily basis or occasionally after some period which help to keep their hormones infertile.
  • Condoms – there are special condoms which have been designed for women. These condoms are worn several hours before sex and it works in a similar way just like the male condom.
  • The use of intrauterine device which is also commonly known as IUD which include use of special devices that can inhibit the sperm from fertilizing the egg.
  • Implants these are contraceptives which are placed in the female body and they control the fertility hormones for women.
  • Natural methods – these are methods where females count their days to know which days they can have sex without fear of getting pregnant and use abstinence on those days that she knows she is not safe. However this method of contraceptive is very tricky since the days may be affected by various factors and therefore leading to erroneous calculation of safe days, especially for women with irregular days.

Therefore you have to know this information so that it can help you in knowing exactly when you should tryout to have babies. For men who may feel that they have low fertility they can try to use supplements for low sperm count.