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Causes of low sperm count – how can you deal with this problem.

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There are many reason as to why you may have many issues that can lead to infertility in both and men. There is nothing as bad as having this problem in a marriage and sometimes it can lead to the break up of marriages, due to lack of children in the relationship. Some of the issues that you may have to deal with include stress of trying many treatment for your fertility to be rectified. In men this problem can be caused by several factors which mostly are related to sperm structure. One of the problems related to the sperm is the number of the sperm in the semen.

This is normally referred to as the sperm count and when it is low then a man will automatically become infertile. The higher the number of sperm count the higher the fertility the man is. However the sperm need to be in good shape so that it can swim all the way to the Fallopian tube until it reaches the egg and is able to penetrate. There are several causes of low sperm count which include the following.

The reason behind low sperm count in men

  • One of the reasons why as a man you can have a low number of sperm in your semen is due to the drinking of alcohol.
  • Weight can also be an issue, since people who are overweight can have this problem of low numbers of sperm in their body.
  • Stress can also be a reason why you may find yourself using increase sperm volume pills that are sold in many chemist shops.
  • Another reason why you may experience this problem includes tobacco that is found in many cigarettes. Those who like smoking are at a risk of developing this problem which may lead to infertility.
  • There are some chemicals which can lead to this problem, such as the metals which contain lead can cause this problem in men.
  • Also use of or exposure to herbicide is an issue which plays a part in reducing the number of sperm in the body.
  • This problem can also be caused by genetic factors; people who have had some problems of this nature can also have this problem in the future.
  • Injuries can also lead to this problem, if by accident you are injured in your reproductive organs then you are most likely to have this problem.
  • There are some medications which can also lead to this problem but once you are through with taking the drugs then you will regain your normal sperm count.

Once you have discovered that you have been trying to get your partner pregnant with no success then you should make sure that you go for a checkup. Both of you should be tested so that you can know exactly who has the problem. For a man what will happen to know whether you have enough sperm is a test called semen analysis. This is a test which a sample of your semen will be taken and analyzed in the laboratory. The sperm structure will be analyzed so that the doctor can know whether the sperm is in good shape.

Here are some of the requirements of a healthy sperm

  • It should have an oval, pointed head so that it can penetrate the egg membrane
  • It should have a long tail so that it can easily swim to the Fallopian tube

During the semen analysis the sperm count is also conducted to establish whether the man has enough sperm in their semen. A normal sperm count is supposed to be above 15 million to up to 200 million. If your result show something below this then you will be asked to start using supplements for low sperm count. For the analysis of sperm to be successful then you may need to do the following

  • You are supposed to abstain from ejaculation for a period of 4-5 days before you can collect the semen sample.
  • You should avoid using lubricants which can kill the sperm cells in the sample.
  • You are supposed to deliver the sample within two hours after collecting the sample.

Treatment of low sperm count

There are various treatment methods that are used to treat this problem in men and they include:

  • Use of herbs which are believed to have the ability to increase production of sperm in the testicles. A good example of a herb which is used for this purpose include tribulus terrestris.
  • There are pills which are used for these purpose to produce more sperm in the testicles.
  • Surgical methods are also used for treatment of damaged tube carrying the sperm.
  • When a problem has been caused by an infection then antibacterial can be used for this treatment.
  • In case the problem is due to hormonal issue then the doctor can prescribe that you use hormones that you are lacking.

Those are some of the treatments that you will mostly find in many clinics but if you have something which is different that requires to be treated using another treatment method, then your doctor will let you know that. However the best way you can avoid this is to protect yourself from first getting into this problem in the first place. You have to eat healthy diets which can help you have the best health in your sexual reproduction. This way you will not have to deal with this problem and spend your money on these expensive treatments that you could have avoided.