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CBD relieves inflammation, skin problems, anxiety, and pain in horses

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Is there anything better than the camaraderie of a statuesque horse? Hitting the dusty trails together on the backCBD relieves inflammation, skin problems, anxiety, and pain in horses of the beast is considered a heavenly experience by most horseback riding enthusiasts. However, horses are large, powerful beasts. Their delicate legs must carry their own bulky weight and also the added pounds of their human rider. It is not uncommon for the equine to suffer leg or hoof pain. In addition, their necks and backs can also experience discomfort. No rider likes to see their horse in pain so many are using cannabidiol as an effective natural aid.

CBD: A Holistic Approach to Your Horse’s Discomfort

The animals rarely respond well to prescription medications issued by a veterinarian so many owners seek to treat their pony naturally with a more holistic approach. CBD derived oils and lotions can bring almost instant relief for many creatures, horses included.

CBD Helps Many Equine Conditions

We can treat your fine hooved friend’s medical conditions using CBD. Ailments such as the following respond well to the cannabidiol:

CBD relieves inflammation, skin problems, anxiety, and pain in horses Lameness
Hoof discomfort
Joint disorders
Muscle pain
Cardiovascular health

Fear and CBD

For thousands of years, horses have been the prey to mightier predators. They have little defense besides speed. When threatened, their flight response activates and most horses run. Many will kick and jump. In extreme cases, mindless terror sets in and nothing will stop the massive beast from ripping through the pasture. If there is a fence, then the creature will either rip through it or jump the obstacle. Fear in a horse, especially one used for trail rides or parades, is a dangerous thing. If the animal panics then they can easily throw the rider, kick a bystander, or run headlong into a treacherous situation. CBD can calm the animal, reduce anxiety, and prevent dangerous panic attacks.

Water-soluble vs. Oil

CBD is available in both water soluble and oil forms. EitherCBD relieves inflammation, skin problems, anxiety, and pain in horses one will work for your horse, but some equine vets are using water-soluble forms for horses because they require a lower dose to achieve the equivalent of hemp oil. Also, most horses appear to absorb the water-soluble versions better.

Banned in Competition?

Many horses are used for competition so it might concern you that CBD is a banned substance in horse racing or steeplechase or other sports. However, CBD is not banned in most other sports and you can use it on your horse without worrying about disqualification from the ring.

Can a Horse Eat Hemp?

The answer is ‘yes’ a horse can eat hemp. In fact, some manufacturers are creating pellets form from CBD rich hemp. The horse can also consume the whole hemp plant along with the animal’s other vitamins and nutrients.

Administering CBD

There are a few options when it comes to administering CBD to your equine.