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Difference between sperm and semen – how to differentiate between the two.

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Many people aren’t really aware of the difference between sperm and semen and this is quite common. This is not a big deal because the meaning doesn’t change much, as each of these word can be used interchangeably to mean the other. There are however some very explicit difference that you should know about.

Differences between sperm and semen

  • Sperm are small and cannot be seen using naked eyes while semen is visible during ejaculation
  • Sperm are responsible in fertilizing a woman eggs while semen is used to offer protection to the sperm
  • Sperm is produced in the testicle while semen is produced in the prostate
  • Semen is white in color whole sperm is black
  • Semen is not required during fertilization of the egg while for fertilization to happen a sperm must be present
  • You can have semen without sperm, especially for people who have undergone vasectomy, but you can’t have sperm without semen.

There are various uses of semen in a male body and it is most useful when it comes to reproduction purpose. The average semen which produced in the male body per ejaculation is around a teaspoon and this semen contain millions of sperm in it. There are men who may have a low volume of semen and they can buy semen volume pills which is very useful when it comes to this. However many of the products that you are going to find in the market around may not be genuine and therefore you need to do good research on the product that you want to use.

Tips to help in buying the best semen booster products

  • Always start by undertaking research on the product that you might use. This research can be done on the internet where it is very easy to gather a lot of information regarding various products in the market.
  • You can also read reviews of people who have used these products before you, to hear what they think of the product. What the majority of the users will recommend is not very far from reality and you may need to go with the majority.
  • Also you can buy products which have a good reputation when it comes to quality as well as performance of the products.
  • It’s also advisable to use products which are manufactured by companies which have a good name in the products that they develop.
  • It is also important that you buy a product that has a quality mark since this will give you confidence that you are using the quality product.
  • It’s also important that you check the ingredients which have been used to make the product to see whether you have an allergy to those ingredients.
  • Another important thing that you should check is the price. Make sure that you survey the prices of the product in the industry and see whether it is being sold more cheaply than what is being offered in the market, as this can be a good indication that it’s a counterfeit.
  • You can also prefer to buy products that have been manufactured using natural herbs such as saw palmetto or maca roots since they have more minimal side effects than inorganic products.

Semen has many nutrients that you can found in it and that’s why some people swallow it, knowing some of the benefits that it has on human body. It is also proven that women who have sex regularly are able to have health benefits that come from the semen.

Benefits of semen in the female body

  • Helps to improve the body immunity system
  • Semen can also help to lower high blood pressure
  • Females who have sex regularly also have smooth skin
  • Semen helps to cure depression and stress

Therefore if you hear someone asking what semen is then you can be in a position to answer this question and you can differentiate it from sperm. There can be various situations when you may find semen having different colors and this can be either a diet issue or a medical problem. If you find that this problem persisting then you should consult a doctor.