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Does precum have sperm in it – what is the purpose of this fluid?

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Many people have a problem in differentiating between the sperm, semen and precum. While they call the precum the semen, and the semen the sperm, even though it’s almost the same thing it is important that you  actually know what is the difference of the meaning of these words. There is somebody who may be asking himself does precum have sperm in it? The answer to this question is NO. The precum is the fluid that usually comes before ejaculation is felt and the main purpose of this fluid is to help in preparation for the way of the sperm which is found in the semen fluid.

Many people hold the view that they can impregnate their partners by passing this fluid to their vagina. The fact of the matter is this fluid, which is clear in color, doesn’t contain any sperm in it and therefore cannot impregnate a woman. However there are some cases where after several rounds of sex the precum could pick up some sperm which were left behind, even though this can be almost impossible to fertilize a woman’s egg. The reason why this is not possible is that for the sperm to survive inside the female body it has to be well protected by the semen.

The precum on its own cannot be capable of achieving this and therefore any sperm which is carried by this fluid will meet a harsh environment where survival is very minimal and therefore end up dying even before starting its journey to the Fallopian tubes where it is supposed to meet the egg. Therefore, as you have seen, even though there could be a chance that such a sperm can reach the egg, this is a chance which is less likely to occur. It doesn’t have enough nutrients which will sustain the sperm and give it the energy that it requires to move from the vagina to the uterus.

This fluid is only helpful when it comes to preparing the way that the sperm will be passing by neutralizing the acidity that can kill the sperm. Semen on the other hand is very useful and even though some men suffer from premature ejaculation, this is a whitish fluid which is seen during orgasm. Therefore if you have this problem, then don’t confuse it with precum and seek proper preventive measure such as the use of drugs to prevent premature ejaculation.

There are various causes to this problem in men which include the following

  • Anxiety- this is where a man is so tensevand can’t control his ejaculation when he is close to a woman. This causes such a man to ejaculate even before penetrating the woman. Some people will ejaculate a few minutes after penetration and this is a sexual problem which can prevent two people from enjoying sex together.
  • Depression is another factor that can lead to this problem. The brain will be triggered to initiate this process and therefore this can be a problem which may require treatment first
  • Pills to delay ejaculation can be used if you have not had sex for a long time which can make your penis sensitive and therefore leading to ejaculation in a very few minutes of intimacy.

The semen is different from the precum in that:

  • It contains sperm in it. This milky fluid contains sperm which is highly protected by this fluid so that it can make it to the egg with minimal mortality.
  • It is also rich in mineral nutrients as well as protein and vitamins which are very useful when it comes to the viability of the sperm.
  • It only is released from the male body after ejaculation, as opposed to precum which is released even before the penis penetrates the woman vagina, and is released when a man is aroused.

On the other hand there are similarities between these two fluids which include

  • Both fluids are alkaline in nature which help to neutralize the surface of the female organ for sperm to survive.
  • They are both released during sexual intercourse and can only be released when a male organ is aroused.