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Does saliva kill sperm? is it true or is this just a myth without facts.

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When a couple are trying to have a baby then they are supposed to have normal sex and pregnancy will automatically take place, even without trying different products that are always advertised in the market today. People like to peddle solutions which cannot be substantiated with facts and if you have a fertility problem you can find yourself trying out many things that may not be very helpful in the end. One question that you will find people who are trying to have baby asking themselves is, Does saliva kill sperm? Let’s try to answer this question using two ways. One is another question: how would the sperm die from saliva, since as we all know it is alkaline in nature and therefore it will not react with the semen since it’s also alkaline?

Therefore the sperm cannot be killed by saliva but it can reduce the concentration of sperm, and thus it can reduce the chances of sperm reaching the Fallopian tube in good time. Men with low sperm count are the most affected by this since it will worsen the situation and this does not have anything to do with sperm dying. Therefore as we have seen, saliva does not kill sperm but it can affect the concentration of the sperm which can lead to dilution of the sperm and affect the mobility of the few available sperm in the semen. There are many myths that are spread about fertility and sex that you need to know so that you can avoid believing them.

Myths which you should know regarding sex and fertility

  • Lubricants can affect your fertility by killing sperm while many people are fond of using lubricants to increase pleasure during sex and also to help the lady enjoy sex completely. Using lubricants when you are trying to get a baby is alright, as long as it doesn’t contain any compounds which can affect the mobility of sperm in the woman body. Just like saliva, lubricants can only be a problem for those who have low semen volume and therefore a normal man can use lubricants without any worry of infertility.
  • You can only get pregnant if you lie in a tilted position for sperm to swim to the uterus. This is not actually a fact and this is not true that it can cause a failure of fertilization. The woman’s body has an automatic way of directing the sperm to the right direction where it can meet with an egg to be fertilized. Even though semen can spill out while having sex in an upright position, this doesn’t mean that all sperm will spill out. The ejaculation power will push the sperm higher and many sperm will still get a chance to reach the egg.
  • You can’t get pregnant by having sex once. This is myth which doesn’t have any truth in it. For a fact you can get pregnant in  one round of having sex, since a single ejaculation can produce millions of sperm which can make you pregnant. Unless your normal sperm count is low it is enough for you to have sex in just one round.
  • “You cannot get pregnant if you don’t have an orgasm” is another myth that you will hear going round. What people don’t know is that once the sperm penetrates the woman body even if she was unconscious she can get pregnant as long as the egg was able to reach the egg. Therefore it is not important whether the female has an orgasm but rather there is an egg ready to be fertilized and the sperm is introduced into her reproductive system.

Those are some of the common myths that are not true at all and you should never believe because they have no truth in them.

However for you to improve your chances of having a baby as a couple here are some of the tips that you could use to achieve this.

Tips to keep your fertility intact

  • For men, they should try to avoid staying for too long in hot tubs so that their sperm count can increase and therefore have a higher chances of impregnating their ladies.
  • It is advisable to use water-based lubricants which have minimal effect on sperm and the environment in the vagina which can affect mobility of the sperm.
  • The couple should regularly start using prenatal vitamins pills that help to improve their sexual reproduction system in preparation for this task.
  • Regularly visit a doctor who can offer advice on what you should do when you want to have a baby.
  • Also it is advisable to avoid using drugs or alcohol as this can affect the quality of gametes that will be produced by both the female and male.

If you follow the tips above you will never have to listen to myths that are easily spread through the internet. People should learn how to take control of their sexuality and maintain their reproductive organs in a healthy way. If it is a medical issue that can be preventing you from having a baby then the doctor will give you the available treatment options that you can use. There are many ways in which you can improve your fertility.

Natural methods to improve fertility

    • Eat well since nutrients required to keep your body in good shape will be acquired from the meals that you eat.
    • Also engage in physical exercises, since they help a great deal to keep your body in shape.
    • Also use supplements that offer minerals that you can’t get from eating food alone.
    • There are also very good herb that you can eat so that you can increase your fertility and also maintain a healthy reproductive organ.

It’s better to have a peace of mind since emotional problem can lead to infertility problems especially in men.

Those are natural ways that you can improve your fertility and it’s just simple as that. You don’t have to spend money on expensive treatment while you can naturally improve your fertility levels.