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Drinking semen and swallowing sperm – is it beneficial?

Posted in More of Semen by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018

When people are in love they can do anything to make their love be strong through being intimate with sex. Sex is one of the best ways that you can improve your relationship with your partner and some people even go ahead to try out new adventures, which allow you to engage in things that you never thought you could have tried. Oral sex is becoming one of the best ways people can spice up their intimacy and good foreplay in preparation of the actual act.

Also you will find ladies trying to drink semen, swallow sperm,  and swallow semen as they see in pornographic movies and this is actually a good way of trying out new venture in intimacy. Ejaculating on the face of your partner is known as facial and this is one of the recent things that you will find many people trying out. When you are having oral sex and a man cannot control his ejaculation then he may do it inside your mouth and this is not the same as when you are willing to do it. Men with this problem should look for treatment on how to prevent premature ejaculation and there are very many ways in which you can do this.

Things to consider before swallowing semen

When you are willing to go ahead in intimacy where you will be swallowing semen, you have to be sure that the partner you are doing this with is not suffering from any STDs. Even if you are going to spit the semen out of your mouth then you should realize that once the semen come to contact with saliva then if there were some viruses which were present then you are going to suffer from that infection. Make sure that both of you are healthy and no partner has a wart or even any other form of STD.

If it is your first time and you are trying out this for the first time be sure that you communicate this with your partner so that he can go easy on you. At first it may seem weird and you can also be uncomfortable with swallowing sperm and therefore you will have to give it your best shot. Do not think negatively about this and you might actually enjoy it. Whether you will swallow or spit is your decision to make. If you think you will be alright and you will not vomit as a result then you should swallow it. Don’t be anxious about this as this can lead to a backfire. The taste of the semen can sometime be weird for a person who is tasting it for the first time.

Things that affect taste of semen

Since semen is always alkaline it is somehow bitter and it also has some of the sugary taste from the fructose present in it. Therefore it will have both sugary and bitter taste at the same time and it can also be affected by the kind of meal that you eat. If you are a man and you are looking for ways on how to make semen taste better then you need to check on the meals that you take. Garlic for instance will reflect on the taste of your semen and therefore you should probably avoid it before having sex.

Cigarettes and alcohol will surely make your semen be bitter, as well as those who smoke marijuana. If your partner uses one of the above things then you can rest assured that his semen will be bitter and you may not like it. People who have a urinary infection can also have bitter semen. When you want to have your semen taste better then you will have to take meals that will also taste nice. Fermented beverages will make your semen to be tastier, people who are diabetic also have semen which is sweet since their sugar control is low and therefore that will also increase the amount of fructose in their sperm.

Benefits of semen in the human body

There are benefits of swallowing semen which include the nutrients found in it. Semen contains very important nutrients which if you swallow will automatically be absorbed by your body. These minerals can include potassium, phosphorus and zinc.