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Green semen – what can be the cause of this and how it can be treated.

Posted in Sperm Disorders by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018

Normally the semen is supposed to be white creamy fluid which is thick and this is what every normal man would expect after an ejaculation. There are some instances where you may experience changes of color without any health concerns. But mostly whenever these changes of color occur then this can be an indication of a possible infection or disease in your reproductive organ. For instance you are most likely to see green semen when you are suffering from a possible prostate infection and this should raise an alarm that you should not waste time with. Rather, seek medical assistance, otherwise you may have a more complicated situation to deal with.

Here are some of the reason why you may have green semen during ejaculation

  • The first indication is that you may be suffering from a prostate infection which can cause this problem. Therefore when going for this test you will realize that you may diagnosed with this problem.
  • Another cause can be as a result of widening of veins that originate from the testicles.
  • Gonorrhea can also be cause of this problem or any other sexually transmitted infection. Therefore if you discover that your semen is not grayish white then you might consider going for an STD test.
  • Tobacco use as well as use of marijuana can lead to this problem as well. When you use these substance then you are most likely to have this problem.

However, the reasons that contribute to this problem include that of infection in the prostate, therefore a dangerous health condition. When an infection of a bacteria in the urine leaks into the prostate gland, which is responsible in production of the semen which is white, then it will start producing a fluid greenish in color which will then mix with semen to give it that green color. Even though sometimes you may see yellowish semen this is not the same, since that can be as a result of the meal that you have eaten..

Signs that you should use to know it’s a prostate infection

  • When you have painful urination and then you have semen which is green in color then you should know that it’s caused by infection of the prostate.
  • When you experience painful ejaculation then this can be also another symptom of prostate infection.
  • When you have frequent urination even when you have not taken a lot of fluid can also be a sign of this infection.
  • When you find that your urine contains white particles then you can be sure that this is an infection of the prostate.
  • Another symptom is when you start feeling pain around your groin area as well as on the penis even when you are not engaging in sexual intercourse.

Those are some of the symptoms which you can see when you have an infection of the prostate, and therefore, when you notice these symptoms, please try to seek proper treatment. The reason why you might experience changes of color is due to where the sperm is produced, as the prostate is one of the areas where white semen is produced, before being mixed with other fluids produced in the vesicle tract and the testicles. When you have this problem you are commonly going to feel pain after ejaculation which is a common sign that you should see when you are sick. There are however some lifestyle factors that can cause changes of the color of your semen.

Things that can affect the color of your semen

  • Alcohol is one of the reason why you might start seeing different color semen.
  • People who smoke cigarettes are also likely to see different color of semen after sex.
  • Meals which are highly rich in sulfur can cause the color of the sperm to change.
  • Garlic and onions can also contribute to changes of semen color, mostly to yellow.
  • Some medicines can lead to this problem as well. Therefore when using certain drugs don’t be surprised to see your semen changing in color.

You should never be worried when you occasionally see change of the color of your sperm, only when it start becoming an issue such as causing low semen volume. This is when you will start seeking proper treatment which can help you to keep your sexual reproduction system safe. When you also feel that you are experiencing burning during urination then you should seek treatment of this problem before things becomes worse. When you have a problem that affects your fertility this can lead to damage of sperm as well as to infertility issues. Unless you are sure what is the problem always make sure that you get a test of your sperm to know what the problem is.