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How long does it take for sperm to reach to reach the egg – what can affect this flow?

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When it comes to reproduction health there is one thing that you should know and more things which are very important when it comes to fertilization. When a couple want to have a baby there are many factors that come into play and can help to make things to be easy or difficult. Some people don’t realize that it takes a lot for this to be successful and for those who have tried this without any problem then they are very lucky. Some people even go for months trying to get pregnant but without any success and whenever these couples are tested it can either be a problem resulting from the woman’s body health issue or from the man. In men sperm can be the cause of infertility and this is the major issue which surrounds and leads to this problem. There are various defects of sperm that lead to this problem.

Defects in sperm that can prevent pregnancy

  • Low sperm count is one of the issues that can cause failure of the sperm to fertilize an egg. Normally when this is the problem the number of sperm produced in a single ejaculation will be minimal and therefore the survival rate of these sperm will be low and only very few sperm can make it to the egg. To solve this problem you can take supplements for low sperm count which will help to get rid of this problem.
  • Abnormal sperm is another cause where men are not capable of fertilizing women and this can lead to infertility. For instance the structure of the sperm plays a very huge role in determining fertility in men. A sharp pointy-head sperm will easily penetrate the egg and fertilize it while a round headed sperm will not penetrate the sperm easily. This is another cause of this problem in men.
  • A sperm with a short tail will not be capable of swimming into the uterus and therefore very hard for it to reach where it can fertilize a woman’s egg. Many of these sperm will die before even reaching the uterus and therefore there are low chances for such a man to fertilize a woman.
  • You will also find sperm which have double head and this is a defect that will surely affect fertilization of ovum. Also sperm with double tail can also prevent fertilization to take place.

What really happens during reproduction process?

In general sperm with defects will not swim all the way to Fallopian tube where the egg is waiting to be fertilized. Some people who have been affected by some of these defects will surely have this problem permanently and they can’t fertilize women.

Women on the other hand can be infertile whenever their reproductive organ is not healthy. When they can’t produce healthy eggs or they have no eggs then this can lead to infertility in women. However, whether its men or women, whenever they have fertility problem, they should visit a reproductive health expert who can carry out necessary tests to establish the real cause of infertility. In case there is a treatment available then they can be advised on how to go about it.

During sexual intercourse a man will have to ejaculate so that semen can be passed from the male body to the female body. What is semen? This is what you might be asking yourself. This is a special substance which helps to protect the sperm as well as offer a conducive environment for the sperm to survive in and move around inside the woman body. The time it takes from the sperm to move from the male body to the Fallopian tube so that it can fertilize a woman’s egg can differ greatly depending on various factors. The main question that you can be asking yourself is, How long does it take for sperm to reach the egg? The fastest time that a sperm can reach an egg in the Fallopian tube is from thirty minutes while the maximum time a sperm can still reach the egg and fertilize it is 48 hrs, while in some special circumstances it can be up to 72hrs. When sperm dies and fail to reach the egg then this egg will be flushed out of the body through what is known as menstrual cycle.

How to increase the chances of sperm to reach the egg early

There are several ways in which you can increase the speed of sperm to reach the egg. They are as follows:

The first thing is to make sure that you use increase sperm count supplements and this will help you to produce enough sperm that will swim all the way to the uterus and then the Fallopian tube. The higher the number of sperm produced, the higher the chances that the sperm will reach the egg in good time for fertilization to take place.

It’s also important that you quit smoking since this is one of the biggest contributors of production of defective sperm. When sperm is produced there are various hormones which help to make this cell and smoking will affect these hormones. May be you are wondering where sperm is produced and how it relates to smoking. Sperm is produced in the testicles and there is a hormone which is known as testosterone responsible in how sperm will be manufactured as well as the semen. Smoking affect adrenal glands which produce this hormone and shortage of this hormone will lead to low number of sperm being produced.

It’s also important to eat healthy meals and avoid those diets that affect how the body system work. Meals that cannot be metabolized in the body are very dangerous and you should stay away from such meals. They will affect the number of sperms that is produced in the body and you will have a difficult period when trying to make your wife pregnant.

Also you should exercise a lot since this will help to improve circulation of the blood in the body improving the work of the body organs which include the sexual reproduction system.