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How long does sperm live inside a woman – what affects the survival of sperm.

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Many people don’t know how fertilization works and they think that this is a very simple process of just having sex and then it’s a done deal. This is not actually the case, as there is more to this very complex process that eventually leads to a woman being pregnant. When you are having sex there are many things which happen which include ejaculation, the release of the sperm from the male to the female through the penis to the vagina. One of the most important thing that you should know is that it’s not a matter of how to have more semen but rather the quality of the semen.

Vitality of sperm inside a woman

Even if you have a full load of semen, if it doesn’t contain enough sperm then you will have a difficult time when it comes to fertilizing a woman. May \be you are asking yourself about how long sperm lives inside a woman. The journey of the sperm to the egg can take a maximum of 72 hours and this is for the people who are lucky, because the survival time of sperm in the uterus is less than 48 hours. Once the sperm has been released it will go into the vagina and within the first hour there will be millions of sperm which will be trying to get into the Fallopian tube. They are still strong and full of energy, but after this they will start getting weak and many will die in the process.

The Fallopian tubes are two, and therefore the sperm will have to go to each Fallopian tube to find the egg and therefore it’s quite a huge task for them to do this. This is a natural process and only the best sperm will survive to fertilize the egg. The eventual sperm which will manage to penetrate the egg will be the one which will lead to fertilization of the egg and only then the fetus will be formed, while the rest of the sperm will die. There are many things that come into play when it comes to survival of the sperm in the female body.

Factors affecting survivability of sperm

Semen plays a huge role when it comes to survival of the sperm in the body. When the semen has all the required nutrients then this will enable the sperm to survive for a long while in the female body. The semen contains nutrition which energizes the sperm as well as protects it from being attacked by the body’s immune system as a foreign material. The semen is alkaline in nature and therefore it helps to neutralize the acidity of the vagina so that the sperm can survive for a long while in the uterus on its way to Fallopian tube. Therefore semen plays a huge role when it comes to determining how long a sperm survives in the woman’s body.

Another thing that will affect the survival period of the sperm in the female body is the sperm count. When you have a high sperm count then there is a possibility that there will be many sperm which will survive in the uterus while awaiting for the egg to be released in the Fallopian tube. People who have low sperm count will have a problem with their fertility since the sperm survival will be very low due to high mortality and at the same time the fewer number of sperms. The structure of the sperm is also very useful when it comes to survival of the sperm in the vagina.
When a sperm is fully developed and in good shape it will move further inside the female body easily and can find a nice place where it can wait for the egg without dying quickly. However, some sperm cannot swim due to a short tail or production deformities in sperm. This will affect the movement of the sperm and therefore the sperm will not make it to its destination and will die soon after it enters the female body.

When it comes to ejaculating, the more powerful it is the further the sperm will be deposited in the vagina and therefore the less energy will be required for the sperm to move to the Fallopian tube which will then translate to preservation of energy to be used for sperm survival in the womb. Therefore if you take semen volume pills then you will  have your sperm deposited in the furthest point of the vagina.