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Is semen good for acne – how does it help in making the skin smooth.

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When it comes to sex, couples can go a long way in making this experience to be lovely and fun by enjoying their intimacy. It’s not only about the foreplay and intercourse than can make sex to be enjoyable but there is also a need to try new things so that you can take your sexual experience into a new level. How about oral sex? Those who have not tried this kind of sex can find a new area that you may need to explore. This will also include swallowing semen, as there are proven health benefits of semen.

People who swallow semen of their partners can enjoy great health benefits which include

  • The semen is good for acne as it has antioxidant qualities that help to keep the skin smooth as well as free from wrinkles. The sperm contain spermine which is used in the cosmetic industry for manufacturing of products that are used for facial make-up for people who would like to look younger.
  • The semen has also been found to be a good antidepressant, as it contain many compounds which are known to be useful when it comes to getting rid of mood swings as well as psychological issues that women go through. Some of the elements which you will find in the semen include oxytocin as well as melatonin which plays a very important role in balancing hormones which are used in control of neurotransmitters in the brain.
  • Sperm has also been said to help in teeth whitening where you the large amount of zinc in the semen can help to do this.
  • Other benefits of swallowing semen include supply of a lot of minerals and vitamins in the body just by swallowing a teaspoon of semen. With the large amount of nutrients which are found in the semen then you can increase the amount of nutrients in your body by drinking the sperm from your partner.

However, it is not all about semen retention benefits as there are risks that you can expose yourself to if you are not careful. Just like sex, you can get disease from your partner by swallowing his semen. Before you can go ahead to try out these sexual pleasures, you have to go together with your partner to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis as well as gonorrhea to mention a few. After you are given a clean bill of health then you can go ahead and spice up your sexual life using oral sex. The doctor can also explain some of the things that you should do before getting into such experiences, like cleanliness so that you don’t pass germs to your partner. There are however some myths that go round about having oral sex which include the following.

Myths about oral sex

  • You can catch cold from swallowing semen. This is not the case as cold viruses are not found in the semen but you can actually catch cold in this process by coming into contact with the germs such as in the mouth through kissing, as well as hands. But the semen on its own cannot cause you to catch the cold.
  • The semen on its own doesn’t contain HIV but if the semen comes into contact with blood then that is when it will carry these viruses. If you swallow semen contaminated with blood then you are at a risk of getting this disease.
  • “If you swallow semen you will get fat” is another common myth that many people have. Yes, of course, the semen contain proteins in itself but the quantity of the protein is minimal and if you get fat it is due to bad lifestyle, such as eating meals with a lot of fat and not exercising regularly.

That’s how semen can be useful in a human body and for anyone who was wondering whether is semen good for acne then they now know it contains special compound that help to keep your face smooth. Therefore you should never allow semen of your boyfriend just be wasted in the condom while you can drink it to improve your facial appearance.