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Orange semen – what can cause your semen to have this color and risks.

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When you are sexually active then you expect to see a greyish sperm, and if you see anything else which is not of this color you may then start panicking. There are some cases that you may start seeing your semen having a different color than what you are expecting. The reason why you may experience this problem can be due to various issues which can lead to this.

Reasons why you may see a different semen color

Here are some of the reasons why you may have different colors of semen:

  • Infection of the testicles – once your testicles are affected by a bacteria then you are sure that you can have an orange semen.
  • Another reason why you might see this is when urine mixes with semen. Sometime the urine, which is orange in color, can mix with semen and during ejaculation you may experience this problem.
  • Jaundice – this is a condition that causes the color skin to change. Some people can turn yellowish while others will turn orange. The semen can also change to orange if you are suffering from this disease.
  • When you are using some supplements for low sperm count then they may cause your semen to change its color.
  • Some drugs used to treat some of the disease can lead to change of color of your semen and therefore if you experience this while under treatment of another condition then you can also seek medical advice about this.
  • Diet changes can also lead to this issue. Some meals will make your semen to change in color and some of these meals include garlic, onion and broccoli. The meals that take part in male orgasm control can also affect the color of your semen.
  • People who haven’t ejaculated frequently can have their semen to be so dark that you even think it is orange as well as yellow.
  • Another cause of this problem include sexually transmitted disease you can see an orange semen if you have been infected with an STD. therefore fore you should go for proper treatment to avoid getting into serious problems.

Those are some of the reasons why you may find your color of semen other than grey-white, which is considered a normal color of the semen. It is important that you try to figure out what can be wrong with you whenever you find that your semen doesn’t have a normal color.

When do you need to see a doctor for seeing color changes in your sperm?

There are certain situations that can make you go and seek medical help in a hospital which include:

  • When you start feeling pain after ejaculation and the semen color is different than what you usually have.
  • When you start seeing blood in your semen can be another reason why you may need to visit a doctor.
  • When you start feeling pain in other body parts such as the stomach or any other organ of the body.
  • Another reason why you can see a doctor includes when you discover your semen is smelling awful, then this can be a sign of a serious issue that you may need to take care of.
  • If you also start getting fever, then this can be a reason for you to seek for a doctor advice.

There are various treatments that can be used when you visit a doctor depending on the cause of the problem that you have.

Types of treatments that are available for this problem

  • Use of antibiotics if an infection is an STD or a Bacterial infection.
  • Anti-viral medication if the infection is due to virus.
  • Surgery where the issue is due to an internal problem which may require opening up of the skin.
  • Therapy sessions can also be used for treatment of this problem.

Other types of coloring that you may see in your semen

  • Red semen- this can be an indication that you are suffering from blood mixing with semen. This is a problem which should be treated soonest when you notice that you are suffering from this problem.
  • Green semen- this can be caused by an infection on your prostrate or tissues that surrounding it.
  • Yellow semen– this can be caused by mixing of the semen with urine which can give it this color.
  • Sometime the problem may not be the color but rather the viscosity of the semen. This is a problem of inflammation of the genitourinary tract.

Therefore if you ever notice any of the above symptom then you can guess what might be wrong with you, but you should visit the doctor to carry out further tests on you, to know what is exactly wrong with you.