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Pink semen – what you should know about this and whether it’s dangerous.

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The sexual reproduction organ is one of the most important organs in the body since it can help in reproduction where you get to procreate naturally. Men are very concerned about their sexual health. When a man is not capable of performing well in bed matters then they start becoming stressed and then they can fall into depression for this problem. There are many reasons as to why you can fail to perform in bed and most of the reason behind this is due to health issues.

When your reproductive organ has some kind of illness then you will definitely not perform. One of the issues that relate to such illness include the semen production as well as sperm. This play an important role when it comes to satisfaction of sex during sex. When you start experiencing some problem in your reproduction system then you must check for the following symptoms.

Symptoms and signs

  • Do you have awful smelling semen? If this is the case then you should know that there is something wrong with you and you may need to seek further tests to establish what is wrong with you.
  • Does your semen look different? When you see a different color of semen then this can be a sign that there is something wrong. Pink semen will usually be an indication of a major problem in your reproductive organ.
  • Do you experience testicular pain after ejaculation? In case you feel any pain when it comes to ejaculation then you should go for a test since this is an indication of a medical problem.
  • Do you have a delayed ejaculation? This is another sign that there might be something wrong with your sexual organ. If you start having delayed ejaculation then you have to look for an expert who can help to treat this problem.
  • Another health issue is when you start getting inflammation in your organ and this is due to no apparent reason. You should try to find why you are feeling this way, in a health facility where proper tests can be carried out to find what is wrong with you.

Those are some of the signs and symptoms that your reproductive organ could be infected with germs. One of the main indicators of something wrong with you is the color of semen which can be due to mixing of blood with the semen. You are likely to see black sperm, or pink sperm when your semen is contaminated with blood. There are various causes to this problem but when you see a yellowish semen this is not the case.

Here are some of the causes of yellow semen in men

  • The first thing that can cause your sperm to be this color is when you have gone a long time without having sex and ejaculating. The semen will be more in term of volume and heavy than normal sperm. This is due to accumulation and high content of protein present in this fluid.
  • Another cause is where you have eat some kind of meals such as garlic that can change the color of your semen. Some meals will automatically affect the color of your semen which can lead to production of colored semen which is different to a normal greyish semen.

For the other colors of semen this is a serious issue and you may need to go for a check-up in a hospital. Infections are some of the causes of this problem which include pink semen during consummation. When a male is infected with sexually transmitted infections then they are most likely to start seeing semen which is pink. This is can either be a gonorrhea, syphilis or even herpes. These are some of the conditions which can lead to this problem since it starts from the inside of the reproductive organ.

When the urethra, which carries the semen, is infected it will also make the semen  pink. If the prostate has an infection will also make the semen contain blood and therefore make it pink. All these conditions must be treated with appropriate medication so that this problem can disappear.

When a man has undergone surgical procedures in his reproductive organ then it is most likely that there will be some blood in his semen. When a person is recovering from a prostate biopsy then they are going to experience this problem and in such a case this is an indication that shows they have not fully recovered from this problem. When injections for hemorrhoids are done to a male then this can cause blood to mix with semen and as a result lead to pink semen. Injuries to the pelvic bone or testicles can also lead to this problem. Therefore whenever you see your semen with a strain of blood it’s important to seek medical help.

Whenever you experience this problem it is recommended that you seek medical help since this can be an indication of a serious problem which may require specialized and early treatment. Do not wait until when things are worse and you can’t do anything to correct this problem.
Treatment available for this problem

  • Use of antibiotics if this is the problem caused by an infection
  • Surgical procedures are sometime used to cure this problem
  • Changing of diet in case its due to diet causes
  • Change of medication if the problem is a side effect of some medication