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Sperm diagram – what are the main parts of the sperm that you should know.

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When it comes to the male reproduction system you can be assured that the sperm is one of the vital parts which should be considered in fertility. The sperm is the most important thing when it comes to reproduction and when a sperm has defects then you are most likely going to have fertility problems, and among these problem include the shape and structure of the sperm. Let’s find out what comprises a sperm and if your sperm misses any of the following parts then you might have issues with your fertility. It is important that men should learn how to increase sperm count as this will help in improving their fertility.

A sperm diagram is a representation of what a real sperm looks like and what forms a sperm, which includes the following parts.

  • Head – the head is the top part of the sperm and as the name suggests it’s the part which leads and contain everything which is required to fertilize a female egg. The egg is then comprised of three parts
  • Acrosome which carries the sex of the baby which will be born after fertilization. This will determine what sex of the baby will be born and one sperm can carry one sex and not both sexes at the same time.
  • Nucleus – this is the part that fertilizes the female egg to form a fetus in the uterus. This is the part which contain sthe life of the child and a male egg which after combining with the female egg starts forming a child.
  • Neck – this is the area where marks the end of the neck and it contain only one part which is the:
  • Centriole – this is the part that marks the end of the head where the neck starts
  • Middle piece – this is the part which contain the mitochondria which are responsible in carrying the genes of the person who is producing this sperm. Hereditary composition is contained in this area and anything which is going to be passed to the baby is contained in this area
  • Tail – this is the last part of the sperm. It contain a flagellum which helps the sperm to move from the penis to the vagina and then to the uterus and Fallopian tube where fertilization takes place. The tail is most important and it helps the sperm to swim until it reaches to its destination.

A sperm diagram is very important when it comes to analysis of the semen since it is used to establish what can be wrong with fertility of the man. There are a few test which are done using this sperm diagram and they are done to establish the real situation of a male’s fertility.

Below are some of the tests which are carried out to establish what is wrong with a man’s sperm.

  • The first test is teratospermia which is done on the sperm diagram to establish whether production of the sperm is going on with quality sperm being formed. A sperm must contain all the parts as described above, or else that sperm will be considered a deformed sperm if it lacks any of the part. This also tries to figure out whether the parts which have been formed are correct, such as an oval head or a long tail. A sperm with a rounded head will be considered deformed as well as that with a short tail.
  • Another analysis which is done is called azoospermia which try to check whether there are sperm being produced. Some people will ejaculate semen which doesn’t contain any sperm in it. Where sperm is produced is in the testicles but in case it doesn’t happen then the semen will be ejaculated without any sperm inside.
  • Another test which is done for this purpose is oligospermia which is done to establish whether a man is producing lower amount of sperm than what is required. A normal production of sperm count should be achieved otherwise a man can have difficulty in fertilizing the woman egg. In case you have this problem then you can be advised to take supplements for low sperm count and this will improve the number of sperm that you produce to the required standard.