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Sperm maturation – where and how long does it take for it to grow?

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When it comes to reproduction one of the most important things is an egg from the female body as well as sperm from the male body. For a woman the process of egg maturation is very simple and repeats every month. After each cycle’s end then the female body will start again. On the other hand sperm maturation takes a bit longer than eggs, since it takes 75 days for it to fully mature. Even though it takes a lot of time for sperm to fully develop and be ready for fertilization these sperm are easily killed in the process of fertilization since many don’t even make it up to the egg so that it can fertilize the egg. Millions of sperm are released during one single release and only one will eventually fertilize the egg. After millions of sperm take more than two months for it to mature they just die in a very short period after release during orgasm.

There are many factors which can affect maturation of the sperm which include

  • Temperature- sperm can only be produced when the testicles are kept in low temperatures. This is why the testicles are found outside the body in a pouch called the scrotum which helps to regulate the temperature of the testicles. Therefore you can increase sperm count through wearing trousers which are not so warm and this will help to keep your testicles cool and therefore increase production and lessen the time it takes for the sperm to mature.
  • Smoking- people who like smoking are at a risk of being infertile since smoking interferes with production of testosterone, a hormone which plays a huge role when it comes to production of the sperm.
  • Drugs – when you start abusing drugs you should know that this is one of the things that affects production of sperm. Drug abusers usually will have a fertility problem since their body is not capable of producing enough sperm due to inhibiting enzymes from working as they are supposed to work.
  • Diet can also affect the production of sperm in the body, so if you don’t eat meals with the right nutrients then you are likely to have a shortage of essential nutrients required for production of these important cells in the male body.
  • Another thing that affects production and maturity of sperm are chemicals. Herbicides for instance will affect production of sperm in a male body and therefore it is important that you protect yourself when you know you are exposed to such chemicals.
  • If you are exposed to ultra violet rays then you cannot produce more sperm in your reproductive organ. The rays will kill the cells that are responsible in formation of sperm in the body and therefore lead to an infertility problem.

When you have a problem in your reproductive system it is advisable not to try to have a baby during this time, since the sperm that you may produce can be deformed. This mean that the baby who is born could have deformities or the pregnancy may not mature due to miscarriage, due to a problem encountered during the development process. When sperm production is ongoing, the semen production will be happening at the same time and both of these are necessary for reproduction purposes. If your semen volume is low there is no big deal about this since the sperm is what counts more. The semen is only used to protect sperm cells from harsh environment in the female body and therefore it doesn’t matter so much the quantity as so long as it fulfills its purpose.

How you can boost your semen volume

  • Eat balanced meals that contain minerals which are essential in production of semen in the body.
  • Volume pills are also very effective if you would like to have a powerful orgasm, and you can buy these pills for this purpose.
  • There are herbs which are known to offer these powerful boosts of semen volume which include a herb known as tribulus terrestris that has been used for quite a long time.

People who usually who would like to have a huge amount of semen during sex think that this will add pleasure to the sex as well as pump a lot of nutrients into their female counterpart.

What are some of the benefits of semen in women?

Semen is very useful and has health benefits in women who drink it and swallow it. This mean that you can let your partner swallow your semen and this will help in the following ways.

  • It is a good antioxidant and therefore can be used to relive the mind from stress and depression.
  • Semen is also useful and it can help ladies to have a shiny smooth skin as it contain minerals which are very effective in keeping the skin smooth.
  • Semen is also known to help in giving you a better sleep through a mineral called melatonin, a chemical which induces sleep.
  • The semen also contain various minerals and vitamins which can be useful in a human body. It contains Vitamin C and B with other hundreds of minerals and protein in just a single ejaculation.

Therefore you have a lot of benefits that you can get through drinking semen of your partner. The nutrients in this fluid will also be very useful when it comes to your health. Therefore, before you decide whether you will swallow this fluid, you should know that it contain these important elements that have many health benefits for your health. However you should know as much as there are many benefits you should also know there are some risk of being infected if you swallow the semen of an infected person. You can be infected with STDs if you are not very careful and therefore you need to know who you are swallowing the semen from. This is a very important thing that you should consider and make sure that you and your partner get tested for STDs before engaging in unprotected sex.