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Sperm nutrition – what are the minerals and vitamins present in semen.

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When you want to perform well in bed then you have to realize that you have to be healthy overall and with adequate stamina to help you go for several rounds. This is very vital since the nutrients that are required for this function all comes from the meals that we take. You need to understand sperm nutrition so that you can know the kind of meals that you can eat so that they can supply your body with these nutrients. Before going ahead to ask what is semen made of, below is a breakdown that you can understand.

Here is the composition of the semen fluid

  • The sperm contains proteins which occupies about 24 percent of the overall composition of this fluid. The protein content of this semen is used to give the sperm the nutrition it requires while in transit to the uterus.
  • The next compound which is found in the semen is the cholesterol which is about 37 percent of the total composition of the fluid.
  • You will also find around 7% of potassium in semen which is very useful when it comes to ensuring that the sperm is not attacked by the white blood cells.
  • Sodium also forms a large portion of the semen, 30% and this is the reason why you find that when you taste the sperm you will realize that is salty due to the sodium content.
  • Another mineral that you will find in sperm is fructose which is the sugar that provide the energy to the sperm in the semen. Swimming from the vagina to the uterus is a long way which require the sperm to be given the energy it needs.
  • Another compound that you will find in semen is Vitamin C; this forms around 35% of the semen and it plays a huge role in survival of the sperm in the semen.
  • Iron is also found in semen and it is present at around 4% of the semen.
  • Another mineral you will find in semen is Phosphorus which forms around 10%.
  • Zinc is another mineral which you will find present in semen.
  • Calcium is also found in semen and it is available in quite significant portion.
  • Magnesium is also present in the semen sample.
  • Copper is also found inside the semen.
  • Semen also contain Vitamin B12.

As you have seen the minerals and vitamins which are found in this fluid. It is highly nutritious and if you swallow this fluid it has immense health benefits. Even though the largest portion of this semen is water you will get all this minerals and vitamins by drinking semen. The good things is that sperm is edible and just like any other meal when it is swallowed it will go straight to the stomach where it will be digested just like any other meal that you eat.

What is the taste of sperm?

If you have been wondering how to make semen taste better then you are in the right place. For those who don’t know how this tastes then you have to know since semen is alkaline in nature you should realize that it is better. Even though the fructose in semen makes it to have a sugary taste you will discern the two tastes in the semen. But for people who are diabetic, the fructose level in the semen is high and therefore their semen is somehow sugary. The zinc mineral in semen make the semen to taste somehow metallic and this is definitely present.

What are some of the benefits of swallowing sperm?

There are some various benefits that has been associated with drinking and swallowing the sperm.

  • The high content of zinc in semen is used for making the teeth strong as well as whitening of the teeth.
  • The protein in semen can also be used to increase the body and muscle size in the body.
  • There are studies which have shown when semen is absorbed in the vagina then it help to reduce depression.
  • There is also evidence that women who have swallowed semen are at a lower risk of developing breast cancer.
  • Semen on pregnant women can help to improve the immune system of the mother.

Those are some of the benefits that are involved in drinking of semen and people who are close can start practicing oral sex that includes swallowing sperm. You have to know that you cannot get pregnant by drinking the semen through your mouth. However, you have to use protection or contraceptive to avoid getting pregnant while having sexual intercourse. It is also important that you know that STDs can be passed through oral sex and you should only engage in sexual intercourse with a person who you are sure has been tested and found to be free from these infections.
For those who would like to make semen taste better then what they need to know are some of the factors which affect the taste of the sperm.

Factors affecting the taste of sperm

  • The following substances will make the semen taste bitter. If you love coffee and alcohol then your semen will be bitter. Marijuana and infections to your urinary track can also cause the semen to be bitter.
  • Sweetness of the semen can be improved through drinking fermented beverages. You can drink traditional brews which are usually brewed using fermentation and this can improve the taste of your semen.