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Unique medications – Volume pills designed to increase sperm quantity!

Posted in Meds to Increase by admin Reviewed 2 February, 2018

Many men are willing to pay any price to improve their sex life. Low sperm volume is a common problem, so some manufacturers have developed special pills to increase sperm volume (dietary supplements, to be more precise). In this article, we will tell you about the most popular volume increase pills.

Volume Pills – the most known drug

Volume Pills is the most famous and popular, absolutely natural product on the market for increasing the amount of sperm. With the exclusive Volume Pills formula, your body will be able to produce more sperm and improve its quality. The ingredients of these tablets have been carefully designed to achieve fast, reliable and absolutely safe results (as claimed by manufacturers of VolumePills).

The supplement contains natural herbal ingredients and zinc. Many of the herbs have been used in Asia and South America for thousands of years (including today). For example, Reishi mushrooms are often used in Chinese medicine and generally in the East. The mushrooms stimulate the immune system. Also the product contains seeds of velvet beans (Mucuna pruriens in botanical terms). Historically, the seeds of velvet beans were used as a means to enhance excitement. Today they are also used to enhance libido. Zinc is found in large quantities in semen and plays an important role in the functioning of the prostate.

Maxatin semen volume pills

Maxatin drug includes herbs and amino acids, which have been used to increase libido and for sexual stimulation for centuries in ancient medicine. Maxatin volume pills are used by many patients, if you go by the reviews on the Internet. Producers of the drug claim that Maxatin is one of the recognized leaders in the field of nutrients for sexual health. However, it does not only contain natural substances.

Performer5 increase sperm volume pills

Performer5 is a dual supplement system for increasing sperm volume. Supplement # 1: Vit5, which provides the necessary nutrients to increase the number of spermatozoa. Supplement # 2: Performer5 that is aimed at increasing the volume of seminal fluid. These semen volume pills contain mainly natural ingredients such as:

1) zinc gluconate;
2) L-arginine;
3) pomegranate (70% ellagic acid);
4) DL-malic acid;
5) L-glycine;
6) creatine monohydrate, etc.

Semenax semen volume pills

Semenax is a combination of 100% natural amino acids and strong herbal concentrates from China, Europe and South America, which stimulate an increase in the total volume and quality of sperm. In addition, the supplement contains a balanced composition of micro-elements required to increase the production of healthy semen. The components of the drug contribute to the activation of the tone of the epididymis, the ejaculatory duct, testes, seminal vesicles, prostate gland and seminal ducts.

Viamax Volumizer semen volume pills

Viamax Volumizer is a modern nutritional supplement based on exclusively natural, herbal components. The dietary supplement has no age restrictions, and does not contain toxic substances. It is comprised of Korean ginseng, zinc, selenium, and amino acids.

Spermomax semen volume pills

This supplement offers many benefits for men’s sexual health. It contains St. John’s Wort, vitamin B6, and some other components that are used to improve sperm synthesis, stop premature ejaculation, and treat depression.

Do semen volume pills really work?

There are no pills that work specifically for sperm increase. They do not directly affect the organs that produce sperm. They improve the health of the body and supply natural substances that contribute to more intensive sperm production. Of course, these pills are effective, but not as quickly and not as efficiently as their manufacturers say. It should be borne in mind that they are not medicines under the law. They are considered nutritional supplements. Therefore, they are not subject to such strong controls as conventional medicines. Beware of counterfeit medicines: buy ejaculate pills only on sites that have a physical registration address and phone number (this can be checked in the section of the site that is usually called “Contacts”). Also, check user reviews. It is recommended to look for such reviews not on the site where the tablets are sold, but on third-party sites to get the most reliable information.