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What happens if we release sperm daily – are there risks or benefits.

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When it comes to reproduction matters it is vital for every man to be fertile so that you can be able to impregnate a woman for a couple to have a baby. However, this is not always easy, since you may have issues with your fertility and therefore it may affect your reproduction in the future. This is why it is recommended that you find the best ways that you can do something to improve this, through practicing a good lifestyle which includes eating well and exercising a lot. Some people fear that having sex many times can make them infertile. What happens if we release sperm daily is that we get to improve the quality of sperm that we produce.

We help the body manufacture new sperm and get rid of old sperm which can lead to various health conditions. Some people worry that the magnesium and calcium level in their body can be reduced due to the release of sperm daily, which is not the case. When you lose sperm every day, it’s good that you also eat well so that you can have the energy needs to be replaced, as well as the nutrients which are used to manufacture the sperm. A good example of the meal that you can eat to improve your health is saw palmetto, which is an herb that you can use to improve nutrients of value in your body and it is also highly rich in the nutrients that are used to make sperm and semen.

What are the health benefits of using herbs?

  • They help to improve the functioning of the sexual reproduction organ such as the testicles and penis.
  • These herbs are useful when it comes to curing erectile dysfunction problems which are caused by lack of minerals in the body that help the organ to function fully.
  • There are herbs such as maca root which are used in curing premature ejaculation problems. Men who suffer from this problem can go ahead and use this herb which will help the man to gain orgasm control.
  • Herbs are also useful in helping in increase of hormones which are responsible in production of semen. If you take these herbs you will be surprised how you will start enjoying a huge load of semen during sex which makes it enjoyable.

There are other ways that you can boost your sperm production as well as the semen. There are both natural and artificial methods which you can use for this purpose. There are two main ways in which you can achieve this through diet and the other one is through lifestyle change. If you are a man and you want to increase your fertility so that you can make your wife pregnant then here is the diet plan for you.

Diets that increase sperm count faster for your daily release include

  • One of the best meals that you can eat to increase your sperm concentration is pomegranate, which is a delicious fruit. It helps to boost production of both sperm and semen and therefore a very important sperm fertility meal that you should try out.
  • Garlic is also another important ingredient that you should add to every meal that you eat, if you would like to increase your fertility and the production of sperm in your body. It has many minerals and vitamins that your body needs for production of sperm and therefore is an important part in your meals.
  • Banana is a good fruit which you can use it to boost your sperm production, libido and semen volume. It contain vitamin C and B which is very important when it comes to production of semen and sperm in the body. It also plays an important role in boosting libido which can play a huge role in reproduction.
  • Another meal that you can’t afford to miss in your diet is eggs. They contain protein, enzymes and minerals that is required for production of sperm as well as its vitality in the body. Therefore having an egg every morning will assure you’re a reproductive health which gives you a chance to experience a better sexual relationship with your partner.
  • Many people don’t know that dark chocolate has amino acids which can help to increase the amount of sperm in your body. There are those who have said after eating dark chocolate they have experienced intense orgasm during intimacy.
  • Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach and asparagus are some of the vegetables that you should never miss in your diet since it contain impotency vitamins which is used for production of sperm and semen in the body.

Lifestyle practices that can help to improve fertility of sperms

  • Engage in exercises. It is important that you get active and this has a lot of benefits to your sexual reproduction life. When you don’t exercise you start accumulating fat in the body where it will start becoming an issue and eventually affect your performance with obesity.
  • Take multivitamin which help in increasing the nutrients level in the body. There are many supplements which are out there in the market and you can use these supplements to improve your sexual health.
  • Avoid eating fatty meals, even though to take some fat but this should be minimal and this will reduce the risk of infertility. Avoid fried meals and processed fats such as margarine and you will eventually have a healthy body.