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Where is sperm produced – in male testes, so do not overheat them!

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Where is sperm produced? The answer to this question is probably known to every man. Male sex cells (spermatozoa) are formed in the testicles. However, many men do not know that sperm consists of 2 components – seminal fluid and spermatozoa. The seminal fluid is not formed in the testicles, but in the prostate and seminal vesicles. That is why yellow sperm color can be a sign of infectious diseases of the prostate. Therefore, when this symptom appears, it is recommended to contact a healthcare professional.

Normal temperature for testicles

The testicles are oval-shaped, slightly flattened ellipsoid bodies of dense consistency, located inside the scrotum, separated by a septum and surrounded by membranes. Normally, the testicle temperature is almost 2 degrees lower (35 degrees Celsius = 95°F) than that inside the body (37 degrees Celsius = 98.6°F).This is the ideal temperature for normal spermatogenesis (sperm secretion). Therefore, the testicles (more precisely the scrotum) descend if the surrounding temperature is high and cringe when they feel cold.

What can testicles overheating cause?

Overheating of the testicles can lead to impaired sperm production. Infertility is now a frequent problem. Often, the cause of the deterioration of reproductive health in men is the overheating of the testicles, while in other aspects a man can be completely healthy.

Recommendations for maintaining normal temperature in testicles

I. Choose the right clothing. If it’s warm outside, wear comfortable clothes of light (white, light gray, etc.) color, as they do not absorb sunlight like black clothes.
II. Try to avoid heated seats in cars. The habit of turning on seat heating while driving a car can lead to overheating of the scrotum. If a man experiences such an effect systematically, his reproductive function may suffer. Many cars have such seats that can automatically activate in cold weather. Some men use heaters for several winter months. Because of this, the testes overheat. If you live in a hot climatic zone, then the seats can be heated from the sun. In addition, if you work as a driver, you are at an increased risk of overheating your genitals. Therefore, consider possible options to solve this problem.
III. Avoid hot showers and baths. If you are preparing for conceiving a child, it is better to replace hot baths with warm ones.
IV. Wear loose underwear. Do not use underwear that press the scrotum. After all, the testes sag down naturally, and tight underwear will hinder them from this. Avoid any tight clothes, such as tight-fitting jeans.
V. Lose weight. This recommendation may seem strange. But it needs to be done if you do not want to overheat your testicles. Excess layer of fat on the buttocks, inner thighs and lower abdomen increases the temperature in the genital area. In addition, a similar effect is caused by the scrotal fat over the testicle. Adhere to a healthy diet and exercise program. Consult your doctor if you are suffering from obesity. The doctor will help you choose a safe diet program.
VI. Do not hold the laptop for a long time on your lap. It’s better to work at the table. If you are still working or having fun while holding the laptop on your lap, take breaks to cool your testicles.
VII. Treat varicocele. If you suffer from varicocele (dilated veins near the spermatic cord), consult a doctor regarding the elimination of this ailment. There are non-invasive and surgical methods for eliminating varicocele. The development of varicocele leads to stagnation of blood in the testicle, overheating and disruption of its nutrition, which can lead to infertility.
VIII. Do not overheat in hot weather. Take measures to avoid overheating if you are hot. For this purpose, wear sun-reflective clothing, avoid the sun rays (especially at noon) and constantly drink water to avoid dehydration.