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Yellow sperm – description of all factors that can cause yellowish cum!

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Normally, the sperm has a white-gray color with an opalescent hue, which can be explained by the content of mobile spermatozoa in the ejaculate. Yellow sperm can show both the food preferences of the man, and some pathogenic processes occurring in the body in general or in the genitourinary system in particular. If a man likes drinks saturated with food colors, carrots, or takes vitamins, the color of the sperm changes, but the reproductive system doesn’t suffer.

What can yellow sperm show

In many cases, yellow semen is a symptom of diseases of the genitourinary system of men, in particular, of the prostate and bladder. Yellowish clots or lumps indicate an impurity of pus in the ejaculate, which indicates the development of an active inflammatory process inside. In this case, the treatment should be carried out immediately as soon as the diagnosis is made and the exact reasons why clumps and clots appear are determined.

Yellow sperm – causes

Possible reasons for which the sperm becomes yellow:

1. Several food products. A diet containing several foods or nutritional preferences of a man can make sperm yellow, it is not considered a disorder. The color will be restored after changing the diet.

2. Garlic and onion. Males eating these species should remember that onion and garlic contain sulfur, which can provoke the appearance of yellowish semen.

3. Natural fluids. If a man does not urinate before masturbating, the urine, mixing with the ejaculate, paints it in yellow. The presence of urine does not signalize any negative processes, if it does not have a reoccurring nature.

4. Infections. Even a small infection can lead to coloring the sperm in yellow. For instance, prostatitis can lead to the yellow semen color becoming permanent. Especially relevant is the diagnosis of the color of sperm, when prostatitis proceeds in a latent form and there are no reasons to suspect pathology on other grounds.

5. Sex infections. If it is yellow, there are serious causes to be concerned, if the pathological color is combined with other signs, such as clots, lumps, and burning. This indicates a bacterial nature of the sexually transmitted disease (gonorrhea, chlamydia). Rapid treatment with broad-spectrum antibiotics may be required.

Yellow semen – when should you see a doctor

Many males have yellowish-white or milky-white semen, which is the norm. If the shade changes to a darker one, or if you suspect that there are any deviations from the norm, you should apply to a healthcare professional.
You should definitely contact the doctor in the following cases:

– in the semen contains yellow, dark or red lumps (yellow clots are evidence of chronic vesicle-prostatitis);
– your sperm produces an unpleasant smell;
– semen contains formations of unusual shape;
– there is discomfort or painful sensations during ejaculation;
– brown semen that does not disappear for several weeks.

Only after having been treated by the healthcare expert specializing in urology is it possible to eliminate unwanted inclusions, if they are pathological. The problem of changing sperm color and appearance of extraneous lumps is quite intimate for many men, but it is necessary to restore reproductive function and avoid problems in the future. It should be remembered that these processes of suspicious nature will not dissolve by themselves, as some men hope. It is the lack of early treatment that leads to the fact that modern men already have a lot of problems in the sexual life by the age of 35-40.

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